This Blog Has Been Moved !

This Blog Has been moved to

Ohh ! Finally my Blog is set. For the last one month I have been trying to setup my Blog. In the process I went through various Blogging Engines. I downloaded and setup Community Server on my local machine and explored it a little. It was interesting to know that MSDN Blogs is also using the Community Server.

On this Blog I will be sharing my personal experiences/learning and all the stuff that I go through the internet. I’ll try to keep up with the posts, queries and comments. My prime focus these days is .NET Framework/C# and Longhorn, so I think I’ll be saying things about that.

Recently, I had the experience of being interviewed by Microsoft. Though, I could not get through but reaching the final step, going on a sponsored trip to Dubai and then having those 4 final interviews with some of top guys at Microsoft was an experience of a lifetime. I’ll try to share that also in the coming days.


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