This Blog Has Been Moved !

This Blog Has been moved to

Its been a while since I have been here, over the last few months a lot of things were changing and I had to settle down to start all this stuff. The Major change is that I joined Vertscape Infotech and have planned to settle here in Dubai, atleast for a few years.

Also, I wanted to get back to blogging with a new spirit :), so I have been looking at various other options for blogging like which provides with additional content pages. Infact I was working on a personal blog site, but it was taking more time than I initially thought so I got out of it. I tried wordpress but it lacks the HTML edit like the Blogger which gives me total control over my Blog.

So, I am sticking to Blogger and hoping they'll add support for aditional content pages soon. Anyway to live up to the new spirit I changed the template for my Blog. I liked the Luxinterior Dark Template of the Community Server, but this one is even better.

This template is originally developed by Nikhil Kothari for his website , Someone has developed this for Community Server also, anyway I took the template and changed it for I think its really nice and specially the page transition effect. :)



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