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These are the configurations of the cluster we set-up with two Windows 2003 Web Servers and a DB Server (see last post to catch up) . It is'nt a pure cluster actually but the Application Load Balancing, the load balancing service (available in Windows 2003 Server, I think its also in 2000 server but have'nt checked that) distributes the application requests among both the servers.

In contrast to this load balancing setup, a pure cluster also manages the server fail overs and the state of the servers, but it needs an extra bit of hardware, maybe i'll say something about that once we have that setup also.

This Load Balancing service in Windows 2003 Server is also interesting, I'll write a step-by-step process to setup NLB when next time I get to blog :) .. so stay tunned .... Also, there are a few other intersting things coming up, I think i'll be active here ...... C ya !


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