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As usual posting after a long time, the last few weeks have been quite busy and also so many things were changing that I could not get time to post.

I left Systems Private Limited, a gr8 place where I spent the last one year and it was great learning, they tried all they could to stop me, but I made the decesion to move on. It was an extremely tough decision and I have been under a lot of proessure. Anyway I was offered a job by KALSoft in Pakistan which included working for Vertscape in Dubai and I accpeted the offer. Its been a week now since I have joined the new company. Actually my office is at the client location at Dubai Airport Free Zone, West Wing Building 3.

Its a little challenging here with people from all cultures and its an experience getting adjusted. Also, the market is very competitive. The work is nearly the same, ASP.NET project with SQL Server and no documentation :).

Our Apartment is at a gr8 place, thats is the chorniche area at the start of Sharjah, and its a good place for walking and hanging out. I am spending most of the evenings just hanging here and there because I dont have a PC yet. I am thinking of getting a Notebook, there is a lot of brands to select from here and it is not very expensive also.

Anyway still getting accustomed to the project, thats the important thing.


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Posted @ 5:28 PM
Good and great Aleem. All the luck to you in Dubai where we both had 3 best days of life :D. And by the way now is the time not to look back ever again..move a long way far and higher.

From some one who is at-least too fair to you :P

Posted @ 11:22 AM
Thats a lovely place to live. In Dubai Maybe over traffic might be a problem but overall atmosphere is great there. Hope you enjoy every bit of that.

Posted @ 6:27 PM
Yah Touseef, the Traffic is really Bad here. My office is around 15 min drive from my apartment and usually in the morning it takes around 60 minutes to 90 minutes to reach office. Traffic is so bad here and everyone is worried. By the way now we have found a shortcut to office so now we reach early :)..

Posted @ 8:40 PM
ahh, look who I found. How are you doing Aleem? Are you in Dubai or Sharjah?