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And here we are on the last day of 2005. It was a good year, I do have some targets set for 2006, but I am not going to make them public J

The atmosphere here in Dubai is a little windy today, a light cool breeze.

A couple of days ago I found Haroon Shafiq’s Blog (added that to my recommended Blogs Section), it was good to find him, he is really a gr8 guy and has a wonderful Blot too, his Blog took me to Worst Tech Moments in 2005. Interesting happenings, especially I found a few of them quite interesting, like

  1. US Commerce Department blocks .xxx domain
  2. A narrow escape from the repetition of Columbia Disaster [NASA Story]
  3. Yahoo Helps China Imprison a Dissident

Though I myself support the decision of US Commerce department regarding the blocking of .xxx domains, but still it is depressing to know that Internet content and Domain system is under the influence (*control*) of a government and specially with Mr. Bush leading that government, highly degrades my confidence while using the internet L. However, the most depressing is what Yahoo! Did, I never knew my mails were not safe, I think the private policy does not say anything like this, our content, communication and mail nothing has any privacy. I can only say this

“We are not culturally and morally developed to use the technologies and inventions that we have created.”


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Posted @ 7:41 PM
I think if it is enforced internationally that all porn sites should have .xxx domain then this will provide a means for governments and other organizations to filter out immoral domains. This will eradicate the problem with some domain names that bear a hint of being porn but are not. Network admins can filter out .xxx altogether. Still it depends on how strictly this policy is enforced. Let users decide what they want to see.