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Installed Windows Vista Beta 2 on my HP nc6120 Notebook, just having fun with the UI at the moment, have'nt gone down to checking development experience. I was surprised to run it almost without any trouble. I thought driver issues and performance will really give me trouble, but it automaticlly adjusted to the graphics capability of my system and I had to install not a single driver.

The Features which could not be supported by my modest built-in 915 Intel Chip Graphic Card were automatically diabled like the 3D Flip View to toggle windows.

I installed Beta 1before this, but that could run nothing, finally Beta 2 seems to be stable enough to give me a good experience.

Its beta and everyone expects issues, infact i saw a few menus features which were not working but still I should say that substantial work has been done in Vista, atleast from the appearance point of view. A lot of basic tasks are rearranged from the older version of windows.

Have a look at some of the Screen shots.


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Anonymous Anonymous
Posted @ 6:12 PM
Screen shots are nice. Vista sounds good. I havent install and run it, but will soon.