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Surely the Pope’s comments have outraged Muslims all around the world. Although he quoted a previous conversation from history (did not say the controversial sentences directly) but one cannot say that he quoted this for the mere purpose of proving his point. He could have easily given various other examples about the topic “Religion and Politics” (the actual topic of his complete lecture) from the long and Bloody history of Christianity. So, definitely the western interests are be behind this and this may be another way of causing outrage and frustration among Muslims.

However, I do not understand why we are once again so outraged about this. The POPE is not a Muslim, he definitely does not believe in Prophet Muhammad and I think no Christian Does. Also, he does not believe in Islam nor he should be expected to have any respect for Islam or the Prophet Muhammad. So, the POPE or any other Christian believes something wrong and disrespectful about Islam is not something new, at least for me.  

Now some people say, that why don’t the Christians (including the POPE) do not respect our religion and Prophet like we Respect their Religion and Prophet (Hazrat Issa). The answer to this question is that Respecting Christianity is a part of our religion because our religion requires us to believe in Christianity and Hazrat Issa, but Christianity does not require Christians to believe in Islam or the Prophet Muhammad. It is actually the same thing if we analyze how much we respect Hinduism/Buddhism as compared to Christianity because Islam does not requires us to believe in Hinduism or Buddhism. So we do not respect Hinduism and their Gods or their Messengers/Prophet (as they believe) like we respect other religions which are directly mentioned in the Holy Quran.

I do agree completely that according to the current situation of the WORLD, harmony and respect for each other’s religion is very crucial for living together and someone like POPE who influences many should not have given such a controversial example about the 2nd major religion of the world. If this is the issue that we raise and this is the point we stress on, we stand justified (according to my understanding) and we will be able to convey a valid point to the World, but if we take this emotionally and consider this as an attack on our religion (exactly as we are doing now) and react in the same way we did a few months back with Violence on the streets, we will be letting WEST win and giving them another reason to portray a negative image of our humble Religion Islam.

Portraying a Humble, Noble and a True Image of Islam to the world is our responsibility and this can only be achieved by intelligence, wisdom and tolerance not by mere emotions and burning our own countries.


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