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Windows Vista which Microsoft promised as the Operating System that will change computing is already in uncharted waters even before its over-delayed release, and now abandoning the WinFS Project is like the last nail in the grave for Vista.

WinFS Team announced that they are not going to deliver WinFS and the research and ““innovation”” will be handed to the SQL-Server and ADO.NET teams and may appear into the next versions of both products.

It is hard to imagine how an organization as prominent as Microsoft can get away with such a failure. Vista has been their major focus for more than 5-6 years; they have over 2000 people on Vista alone. WinFS to me seemed to be the strongest pillar of Vista after Indigo.

Recently a lot has been coming out of Microsoft about bad project management and other issues especially on the Vista Project. Philip Su in the Vista team explains why Vista is slipped so late mostly due to management issues.


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