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“In the Line of Fire” by Pervez Musharraf has been released today and already it is promising to be a best seller, well why it shouldn’t be when the President himself has caused sensation about the book by providing controversial excerpts from the book during his recent US visit (even during Bush-Musharraf press conference the book came up). The book is certainly going to earn a fortune for the publishers and Musharraf himself.


I have not read the book, but I would love to read it after all the buzz about the content. However, I have read some reviews and most people believe that the book is definitely ghost written with Musharraf’s insights. Also people believe that book may not be all facts but mostly the views about people and events in Musharraf’s own patriotic and military mind. (I praise him of being a patriot). I also read that the book has really negative views/comments about A.Q Khan and his alleged network of nuclear proliferation, personally I believe like most of the other Pakistanis that the whole A.Q Khan drama was a big cover up from Pakistan government. It’s disappointing though that Musharraf brought all this drama to his book. AQ Khan drama might be true but doesn’t sound realistic because either he is too damn smart and all the Pakistani governments and intelligence during the 90’s were so stupid, or Musharraf and his government has screwed the National Hero really bad.


Overall I am a strong Musharraf supporter (still), he may not be the best option but it’s basically a choice between an arrogant military patriot and a bunch of stupid, illiterate and corrupt politicians, so I go with the patriot.


I’ll try to put down my personal review if I ever get to read the bookJ.


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