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Its hard to believe that I am back from the long awaited trip to pakistan, was waiting for this from months and the week passed so fast. Apart from meeting the family after 6-7 months, the good thing about the trip was that I got to attend the first ever REUNION of BCSS01 (my batch) and BCSSF01 (my juniors).

It was a wonderful event, the paticipation was very low from our batch and most of the teachers could not make it but overall it was really wonderful to meet old friends and have a some time together. Its a good start and I really hope this becomes more formal and an official Alumni gathering in the years to come.

Thmbs up to Fahim for floating the idea and all his friends who were involved in making this happen. Another nice thing about this event was that we got a chance to float an idea of a Alumni Sponsored Needy Scholarship for PUCIT students.

Actually I am quite late to blog about this, Fahim has been waiting for haroon and my comments about the event (Haroon does'nt seem to get time to write). Hammad(bunty), Ayaz and Kashif have also written about thier experiences.

I am trying to upload some pictures but this Blogger Picutre Upload is giving me tough time, will upload later.


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