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Somebody get me some pirated software, I never knew finding the software can be so hard, before coming here.

Once upon a time I read an article "In the Beginning was the Command Line", there was a line at the start of Article

"Its Interesting, rather Unbelievable that the RICHEST person in the World is not an OIL TYCOON or some Owner of a LARGE INDUSTRY, but has earned his fortune with something (SOFTWARE) which actually has no physical existence of its own."

Now I got the real meaning of it, when I am really seeing PPL giving more MONEY for Software than the Taxes they give to the government. :)

Personally, I am still SPLIT on the notion of Software Being Free or Not; I know there are Linux Sensitive guys on this group (who will definitely answer), but in reality Open Source Development does not provide the quality and comfort that the paid software gives, some may not agree but its not always about learning programming problems or resolving technical issues, though I must mention Mozilla Browser being the only recent thing worthy of calling itself an end-user product.

In Professional environments you just need to get things done as soon as possible and you just don’t want to keep spending time on resolving small technical issues and experiencing the sense of achievement that you are a great programmer and can still resolve problems which are harder to solve. And of course, as they say

“Linux is for Programmers, and then let Programmers have it” J

On the other side, I have doubts about the closed software model that companies like Microsoft has. Cost is one big issue which has made companies crazy and instead of increasing their profits through increased software productivity, they actually go on spending millions on purchasing and development of solutions. Also, I believe that keep on changing products and bringing new versions of the software (without substantial changes) only serves in teasing the customers, and I don’t like innovation and product development which is driven by an aim to earn more money. (Like Microsoft)

May be all this should not be a debate after all; it’s about what works best for you.



If you ever plan to leave the COUNTRY for some time, please do take most of the Softwares you need on a CD/HardDisk along with you,

Otherwise, most likely you'll be handing over all that you owe to EVIL SOFTWARE COMPANIES (does not only include Microsoft).


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Posted @ 10:01 PM
use emule or bit torrent, offcourse u need a broad band internet connection :)