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Recently, working in the SQL server Management Studio, I spent a couple of hours searching for the Stored Procedure Debugging. As the Management Studio replaces both Query Analyzer and Enterprise Manager from the previous version of the SQL Server Tools, it is very common to assume that there must be some Debugging option available in the new Management Studio.

However there isn’t any, and you need Visual Studio 2005 for stored Procedure Debugging, this is not only for the SQL-CLR procedures written in a .NET language but even for the T-SQL Procedures. You need to connect the “Server Explorer” to the SQL Server, select your procedure and on right click you will find the “Step Into Procedure” option which will let you step into the procedure for debugging.

Pretty easy, if you know to debug with Visual Studio in the first place, but there are issues with the remote debugging. You need to check if the Remote Debugging Service is running on the server and you need to have the network credentials for the server, preferably your account should be a member of server administrators group.

So, finally after wasting half day, I got everything working.



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